axle bolts
blow-off valves
boost controllers
clutch adjusters
EGR block off kits
fuel pumps
limited-slip diffs
nylon bushings
poly bushings
racing harnesses
racing seats
shocks & struts
shop manual CDs
suspension springs
turbo nuts
specialty tools
wheel bearings
wheel studs
The Latest News, Recent Results and Information

  • ARP wheel stud prices
    The price of ARP wheel studs has skyrocketed recently. A pack now costs almost three times as much as it did a couple years ago. While we would like to continue offering ARP wheel studs, we feel at this time it's not reasonable for us or you to purchase them. We'll keep monitoring prices in hopes that they will soon return closer to where they were in 2017. In the meantime, we've added the warning "TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE" to the wheel stud product pages.

  • The last of the polyurethane diff mounts?
    We still have a decent chunk of aluminum & polyurethane differential mount inventory, but we also have a belief that this past batch will be our last. Have you been holding out on picking up a diff mount for your Merkur? This may be one of those "speak now or forever hold your peace" moments. We'll continue to have replacement bushings available for both the old-design and new-design diff mounts.

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