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Owning a Focus ST is a very pleasurable experience. It's got the looks. It's got the power. It's got the wheels. If you were to make a checklist while asking the question "what would I want on the perfect, peppy front-wheel-drive car", it seems like the Focus ST would have all of the boxes checked. The car is simply fantastic. Then one day you romp though first gear, shift into second, and you hear a bang so loud that you check your rear view mirror for your engine! For whatever reason, Ford missed out on manufacturing the perfect car with a dubious rear motor mount selection.

Fortunately, it's neither difficult nor expensive to correct Ford's mistake. There are two solutions available that we feel are the proper choice for vehicles that are not intended to become all-out race cars - the electric Focus ("E-Focus") rear motor mount available from your Ford parts dealer, and the Powerflex rear motor mount insert. Both of these solutions work extremely well, and they both accomplish the task using the exact same method - they stuff more material into the mount, and they retain NVH isolation by maintaining OEM rubber around the attachment bolt. Neither of these solutions introduce new vibrations to the passenger cabin, and by eliminating voids in the mount design, each solution prevents the dreaded 1-2 bang by dramatically reducing mount movement. These rear motor mount solutions entirely solve the #1 flaw with the Focus ST, and they solve the flaw without any negative impact. Every Focus ST should have this.

So, why does mc˛racing offer the Powerflex rear motor mount insert rather than the E-Focus rear motor mount when they both work perfectly? Good question! First, the Powerflex rear motor mount insert is half the cost of the E-Focus rear motor mount. Second, you don't have to drive to Ford, try to explain to the parts guy what you're doing, order the part, wait for the part to come in, drive to Ford again to get it, and so on. The Powerflex rear motor mount insert just shows up at your door. Third, by purchasing from mc˛racing rather than Ford, your money will be used to race the Focus ST, which invariably leads to the development of new aftermarket parts. Finally, should you be concerned with having an aftermarket rear motor mount installed while taking your car in for warranty work, you simply pop out the motor mount insert, and you're left with your 100% original rear motor mount. That sure beats keeping your stock rear motor mount around the house "just in case". We had the opportunity to offer either the E-Focus solution or the Powerflex solution, and we feel the Powerflex solution is the proper choice for 99% of all Focus ST owners.

Oh, and in case you needed more reason to love this insert, this item ships for free within the United States! We've had good luck with this item arriving as far as Southern California in two days shipping in a United States Postal Service small flat-rate box. That said, we expect delivery of this part to be rapid throughout the United States. Canadian shipping is also available.

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