Item #00682


Owning a Focus ST is a very pleasurable experience. It's got the looks. It's got the power. It's got the wheels. If you were to make a checklist while asking the question "what would I want on the perfect, peppy front-wheel-drive car", it seems like the Focus ST would have all of the boxes checked. The car is simply fantastic. Then one day you romp though first gear, shift into second, and you hear a bang so loud that you check your rear view mirror for your engine! For whatever reason, Ford missed out on manufacturing the perfect car with a dubious rear motor mount selection.

Fortunately, it's neither difficult nor expensive to correct Ford's mistake. The electric Focus ("E-Focus") rear motor mount is a fantastic solution to the problem, solving most of the bangs without a large increase in vibration. To help solve the problem completely, use this bushing in addition to your replacement rear motor mount. By swapping out the small bushing on the engine bracket that the rear motor mount bolts through, you eliminate both points of deflection, and you can kiss the nasty bang good bye forever without turning your car into a rattle trap.

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